Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yay, Excitement! zzzzz.......

Well, I just learned that you need to be really really really careful what you wish for sometimes. It's been kind of dead at work, normal for this time of year, and I was getting pretty bored and wishing something exciting would happen.

Well, it did. Our ceiling collapsed. There had been an ongoing plumbing leak on the floor above us which had been soaking the extremely old plaster ceiling over my head until it finally got so heavy and so soft that it just couldn't hold on any more. CRASH!! Fortunately there were no injuries and little damage to anything but the ceiling. It sure is one hell of a mess though, there's plaster dust everywhere.

On the bright side, my weekend just went to about a week long! I suppose most of that will be occupied with maid duties though, oh well. Add in a few small projects around the house and my long weekend just vanished. C'est la vie.

Monday, February 6, 2006

State of the Union Address

Did anybody watch the talking chimp's bs speech? What a crock! I managed to watch about 45 seconds of it then I got so irritated I had to turn it off. I really hope the world doesn't think that King George is an example of the typical American. Really, we're not all that stupid. What the Hell are nucular weapons anyway?

Here's how the State of the Union address should have gone. "My fellow Americans, I'm here tonight to tell you that you are fucked. Completely and hopelessly fucked for generations to come and it's all my fault but I don't care because my friends and I are getting oh so very rich. Screw you all, and goodnight."

How sad is it that impeachment isn't even worth considering? President Cheney? Umm no, I'd pick up an accent, learn to say "eh" and move way North. Molson isn't a bad beer, I could deal with it.