Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Are You Listening, George? hahahahahaha!!

The people have spoken and their will has been done. King George's regime has lost control of both Congress and the House. Finally, America might be able to begin repairing the damage done to it by the power hungry, amoral, criminal hypocrites who were previously running the show. 

Now the Bushies may actually have to tell the truth sometimes and do what's best for the US instead of what's best for their pockets. They are going to absolutely hate that!! They might even have to *gasp* start trying to protect the planet! Oh horrors!!

As an added plus Donald Rumsfeld, architect of a failed war, has resigned. Despite all his refusals to resign and Bush refusing to toss his ass out he resigns anyway. Good riddance. His incompetence is directly responsible for the death of 4,800 of our soldiers and over 120,000 innocent civilians plus 32,000 injured US military. We'll probably never know the true scope of the psychological damage to our military and their families. Rumsfeld, I hope your nightmares are haunted by the ghosts of every single one of them you lying, murderous bastard. 

Finally we may have some people in charge who understand that when you invade a country, occupy it for years, tamper with it's government, destroy it's infrastructure and decimate it's population in an illegal war of aggression which was based entirely on lies, the people of that country are going to get pissed and start doing their best to get back at you. People who identify with them (like a few million Arab Muslims in this case) will also get pissed and want you destroyed. We'll see what the Dems do, short of handing Osama bin Laden a nuke and a plane ticket to New York it can't be any worse than what the Bushies have done.

Now there's  a chance that some much needed hearings and investigations may occur, I'd love to see Cheney squirming in front of Congress as he gets called to explain lie after lie that he and his war machine fed the American people and the rest of the world. 

Wouldn't it be funny as hell if Bush and Cheney suddenly disappeared, whisked away in the middle of the night with no warning, no rights, and no legal representation only to end up as cellmates in a nonexistent CIA secret prison where they had to endure acts of torture which our country doesn't use? Film of that would be number one at the box office for months.

The neo-con plan for world domination has just been dealt a serious blow. Cheney the warmonger lost a large chunk of his power. Rumsfeld the architect is running away from his failure and Dubya the dummy is sitting around trying to figure out where it all went wrong. All I have to say to the three of them is "Welcome to the real world. I hope you hate it as much as it hates you."

I almost forgot, Rick Santorum lost! Happy happy joy joy

Monday, November 6, 2006

Election Time!

Finally, a chance to get rid of some of our "leaders" and "representatives". I use these terms loosely because so many of them are neither. In my state for example, we have Rick Santorum as our US Senator. This man is a sheep, voting with Dubya about 98% of the time. He votes how his party and it's leaders tell him to vote.

He's a follower, not a leader. He does this while "representing" a state which voted against Bush in both the 2000 and 2004 elections, and against Bush's political party in general in 1996 and 1992. I hope his political career as a "representative" of the people of the State of Pennsylvania is about to come to a screeching halt.

For the rest of you out there in the US, use your heads and think for yourselves when you step into the booth. Voting along party lines went out of fashion when Communism fell and America became guilty of war crimes. You have a brain so use it to vote the man or woman and the issues.

Kickbacks, bribes, security leaks, theft, illegal sexual conduct with children, manipulation of facts and Intelligence reports to suit private agendas, blatant lies, mass murder, torture, illegal war, crimes against humanity, turning a blind eye to genocide, the alienation of our Allies, hatred of America spreading around the globe like wildfire, attempts to rewrite our Bill of Rights, the repeal of Habeas Corpus (a standard of Western Law for over 800 years), shifting the wealth of the nation to the richest while shifting the tax burden in the opposite direction, the steadfast refusal to start protecting our environment before it's too late, the complete and utter failure of our government to protect and rebuild New Orleans during and after Katrina, these acts and more have been committed and/or orchestrated by our current "leadership".

The millionaire's club running our country (into the ground) does not care one little bit about you or I, it never has and it never will. It's one and only concern is itself. It's high time that America stood up and showed these jackasses that this crap won't fly anymore. A government chock full of inept amateurs would be preferable to what we have now. At least then the mistakes would be honest, a word our current collection of criminals knows nothing about.

I now step down from my soap box, go vote!