Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Cheating Cat Is Told Off, Big Time!

This cracks me up every time, I just can't help it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

*Yawn* I'm Tired

Finally, a weekend without rain! I celebrated by getting off my lazy ass and getting a few things done. After eating some cereal for breakfast and fueling up on coffee I ended up doing all of the following, after feeding my Zuma addiction of course:

  • Cleaned one of the bathrooms
  • Watered all three dozen orchids
  • Fed the cat his special treat 4 times. He's picky so his special treat is a quarter can of nasty smelling wet cat food microwaved 8 seconds to warm it up with a bunch of crunchy food stirred in. It has to be stirred in just right or he licks all the good stuff out and leaves all the crunchies. Yeah, he's spoiled but it makes him eat a lot so he stops losing weight. He wasn't eating the plain dry food and was down to 13.5 pounds which was way scrawny, he looked horrible. Now he's back over 17 and climbing so he's getting back to normal weight.
  • Cleaned the catbox, there's been a lot of that since what I just described. Blech!
  • Washed a sink full of dishes the wife left from her dinner of leftovers last night.
  • Cut up a few potatoes, a couple carrots and an onion, threw it all in the slow cooker with a giant slab of beef I'd browned in some oil then added some beef bouillon then cleaned up all that mess.
  • By then I was hungry again so I cooked my normal weekend breakfast of three pieces of bacon, two eggs, some toast and a banana all washed down with coffee then cleaned up that mess.
  • Scrubbed the glass cooktop until it was freaking spotless (clean enough to eat off of... hahaha I crack me up sometimes), then cleaned the counter tops and disinfected them before cleaning up the sink area.
  • Now refueled I went out and raked a bunch of leaves and bagged them up, mowed the grass then did some garden cleanup until it was too dark to see.
  • After a shower I vacuumed, then broke out the Swiffer and mopped the kitchen and laundry room floors.
  • Oh yeah, laundry. I washed, dried and put away a load of that, almost forgot.
  • By then that bigass pot roast was done so I made some gravy from the juice and ate about half a cow and some potatoes and washed it all down with an ice cold Warsteiner Dunkel (mmmm... good beer), then cleaned up all that mess too.
  • Reorganized the dishes in the dishwasher so I could fit in a couple more (there's always room for more then ran it and afterward put them all away.
  • In between all that I picked up and put away little odds and ends as I found them.

Now I'm kicked back and relaxing with a glass of wine, just finished watching a great football game and doing my damnedest to keep my eyes open long enough to type all this. So what did you slackers do today?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Windows Updates Failing To Install, Part 2

Well well well, what do you know? It's once again time to install more updates and once again some of the updates rated as "Important" just won't install. I guess it's too much to ask for Microsoft to create updates which actually work on their own products. So anyway, here they are:

Just click the download button on each of the three pages, you can either run them from Internet Explorer or if you use a real browser save them to your computer then run them at your leisure.